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Thank you MtoM for coordinating our wedding and giving us beautiful memories of a lifetime. Like every girl I always dreamt of the perfect wedding, the perfect outfits, beautiful décor and I can’t thank you enough Aarti for making sure that everything was as dreamy as it gets for me. Being a bride may not be as easy as it seems but your constant presence and supervision and attention to every detail made it all a cakewalk for me and I can’t thank you enough. You took a lot of pressure off our backs at a time when we needed it. Today it’s been almost 2 years to the wedding but many of our guests still tell us it was one of the most memorable weddings they had attended! We thoroughly appreciate the amount of effort you and your team – Rohit, Shradha, Purvi and everyone else – devoted to us and think you did a superb job in bringing everything together given the rather limited timescale we gave you guys! An exemplary wedding service from a wonderful team! <3

- Kashmira Sarnaik

The execution & co – ordination of all events are exemplary. All the tiny details were so meticulously handled and thanks to Aarti & her team. I had an absolute blast at my wedding with no stress whatsoever about the actual planning. Here’s wishing Team MtoM lots of success with all

their future endeavors.

- Kamakshi Mantri 

MtoM is the best team I could have asked for! You can blindly rely on them and they are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Working with the team never felt like I was working with wedding planners but felt like I was working with friends. They truly let you sit back, enjoy and relax at your wedding and be completely stress free which is so important. I will always be grateful to this wonderful team for making our celebration so special on such short notice <3<3<3<3

- Radhika Tiwari 

Thank you to the entire team of MtoM for helping my family by making the entire process of planning my wedding so much fun and so easy! Even the most hectic days were filled with laughs and smiles thanks to your team! My family and I have such fond memories with everyone especially Priyanka and Rohit who were instrumental in helping us every step of the way and made everyday during the planning so easy and happy! The team worked so hard and helped turn a lot of my dreams into a reality! Thank you Aarti and the entire team for making the time leading upto and the days of my wedding celebrations so memorable!

- Anandita Kothari Mariwala 

MtoM was an absolute joy to work with, they ensured that the wedding of our dreams was just not on paper. The team feels like family and our still a part of all our celebrations. Rohit and Aarti are deeply involved in every project and give it their all always! From co-ordinating with the makeup and hair artists to ensuring that the cheese bar is perfectly set, they were hands on with every aspect. I don’t think we could have envisaged our wedding without team MtoM. Thank you for everything!!

- Anahita Sarnaik 

The feeling of getting married is another experience in itself, but with MtoM, the experience became more memorable than nervous. Handling everything from the brief to the execution flawlessly, my wedding seemed more like a party without the hassles of worrying about the comfort of the guests. MtoM had each and every corner and detail covered. The most helpful thought brought forward was having a shadow with me. I didn’t have to worry about a thing and neither did my family. My family could enjoy as much as me with MtoM doing all the running around on their behalf. The team puts in their heart and sould in making the events beautifully executed leaving those days as the best and most valued days. Definitely converted these milestones to lovely memories.

- Priyanka Mantri

MtoM was really the best thing that happened to us during our wedding. From organizing every single thing that my husband and I wanted, to taking care of my every bridal need – I think what’s special about the team is that they go above and beyond in thinking about your emotions and your needs- not just the physical organization of stuff around you. It was really a dream working with them and there is no one else we’d rather have used for our wedding. As a bride personally – the whole team – Aarti especially was always there to keep me calm and happy and in a good mood and I really appreciate that. They became more like family to us rather than our planners.

- Anissa Malhotra Jain 

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